Valdosta Rooms 2019

The following people have requested rooms. The first 6 people who respond will have a room. We are staying at the Sleep In.  Our first game is at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time.

Second game is at 12:00

1. Herb, Moto

2. Richard

3.  Otis

4.  Stan Cook, Friday and Saturday only, Wes possibly Thursday.

5. Darrel Moreland

6.  Roy and Denny

April 4,5, and 6.

The room’s are $78 plus tax.

The address of the hotel is:

3026 James Road

Valdosta,Ga.  31601

The address for the ball field is:

3795 Guest Road

Valdosta, Ga. 31605

The rooms are 11 miles from the ball field.