TAG SOFTBALL wins Valley!!!!!

Somebody left a pair of black sweat pants in our dugout.

TAG SOFTBALL wins Valley!!!!!

Great weekend against the toughest competition we faced this year. A great performance by everyone.

Robert Rook led the team in hitting, .947 (18 for 19) and was clearly our MVP.

He only made one out all week. Great job at the plate as well as in the field.

Denny Reasner hit .875 (14 for 16).

Walt Farris hit .714, played a great second base and was All tournament.

Rich D’Angelo hit .706, was outstanding  at short and was All tournament.

James  Beard hit .692 and made some great catches in right field and was All tournament.

Ellis Mayfield  made a few unbelievable  catches in right center and was All tournament.

Dudley  Cook did a great job of pitching, was 7 for 9 in bracket play and was All tournament.

The rest of the team played well for the weekend  and contributed   to the win.

Results: Opponent TAG
RPR 16 15
Grace Redeemed 8 12
RPR 28 31
Columbus LXV 20 22
Columbus LXV 18 19